The E and TMZ Reports Are True

Yes, the tabloid reports are correct… I’ve started a motovlogging channel on YouTube. This post talks about why I’m doing it what I hope to gain by doing so.

Why Create a YouTube Channel?

First of all, let it be known that I’ve been writing online for about 15 years now. I’ve written several blogs, published three books, and been involved in a few online businesses.  In short, I’m a bit tired of always writing.

Now, don’t get me wrong, writing and editing (basically rewriting what others write) is what I do best (my short-lived underwear modeling career is proof of this). But seriously, writing all the freakin’ time keeps me inside way too much.

I see the motovlog as a way of combining my writing, editing, and ability to enthrall audiences with my golden-throat* with my passion for motorcycling.. and having a crap-load of fun in the process.

*I published a few audio files from a workshop a number of years ago and one very attractive woman commented that I had a golden voice. Who knew? Never got her number, though...

What I Hope To Gain

Unlimited riches? An adoring fan base? Internet stardom? Of course, that’s a given. 😉 Actually, I have a loftier goal in mind. I subscribe to a lot of motovlog channels on YouTube and I not only do I learn from others in the process, I enjoy hearing their insane (@BaronVonGrumble), inspirational (@Everide), and uniquely human (@TankGrrl) experiences. I used to think that publishing video, or writing for that matter, meant that you had to have something supremely important to say. But that isn’t the case in writing, nor is it in video. (Watch and listen to the humorous ‘Urination Diaries’ on the Baron’s channel and you’ll understand.)

Most of the motovlogs published by my fellow motorcycle enthusiasts are simply glimpses of their life experiences. @MrDuhFactor has been demonstrating how he’s rebuilding a bike. @GoatCabeza recently published an Oscar-worthy 😉 account of his winning a YouTube contest.

While some might see this in the same narcissistic light as publishing selfies, I'd counter that any published account detailing our life experiences, whether in still photos, a blog narrative, or a video post, is simply another form of self-expression.

I’ve been learning a bit about video editing and although I don’t want to see my face on video (because there is too much of it these days…my face, that is), motovlogging will provide me with a new medium of self-expression without the need to sit my back side directly in front of the keyboard…and the camera and …you know… just look pretty. 🙄

In case you didn't know, looking pretty is very hard work. What's that? Not for you? Oh...

At any rate,  I hope you’ll at least check out my little YouTube channel and give me a few chances to win you over with my golden throat and budding skills in action cinematography.



P.S. At this writing, there is only my subscription video posted. But that will change soon….so avoid the crowds and subscribe today. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The E and TMZ Reports Are True

    1. I think you write very well. Like any new area of endeavor, the name of the game is practice to get better. I’m willing to go through the rough patches to see if I can get better at using my voice in this medium. Time will tell.

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