Why I Sold My GoPro Hero 3 Action Camera


Yesterday I sold my GoPro Hero 3 White Edition for $175. I threw in all the baubles I’d collected over the year since I bought it. I posted an ad on a Facebook Virtual Garage Sale for the Santa Cruz area and it was snapped up within 3 hours.

5 Reasons I Sold My GoPro

So why did I sell this little overly hyped gem of a camera? There were five reasons why I chose to get rid of it.

  1. Pardon my appendage. No matter how I mounted the cubist piece of cinematic technology, it looked absolutely stupid. The mount on top of my helmet was the worst; It made look like I had a pudding pop stuck to the top of my head. The side mount resembled a tumor jutting out the side of the ear. Only the chin mount was seeming less weird. But even that required a jumble of angles, bolts, and extensions. That brings me to the second reason…
  2. Too many parts. Other action cameras are better designed and need only one or two mounts to get the desired shots. With the GoPro, a basic set up requires an adhesive mount, a base connection for the camera with threaded pins, and because of the 90-degree fit of the extensions, you need to keep adding them to get the right shot. All of this adds unnecessary bulk and complexity.
  3. The absence of an on-camera view screen. Most other cameras offer an on-camera view screen ensuring certainty that angles and levels are right before you start shooting. To achieve this with the GoPro, you need either the Android or iOS phone apps or the additional LCD screen add-on the GoPro offers. That means more complexity, bulk, and more cost.
  4. Limited battery life. I guess this isn’t as big a deal as it could be but with the GoPro, the model I had anyway, there wasn’t a way to conserve the battery. I had to switch it off while riding. That’s a considerable safety risk for me. Even controlling the camera via the iPhone mounted to my handlebars, it required a lot of safety-questionable activity to turn it off and conserve battery life.
  5. The Drift Ghost HD alternative. I started seeing more video comparing the two action cameras. Most of the reviews were clearly indicating that motovloggers were either inside or outside the GoPro tent. Those that compared the two and experimented with the Drift series of cameras either loved them or hated them. I knew I had to try one so when I saw the Ghost HD model on sale for under $200 on Amazon, I bought one. I’m planning a video that talks about the Drift Ghost HD so I’ll leave the explanations and review comments for that.

Still, the GoPro is an Excellent Tool

You’ll notice that none of the reasons I cited above involve the video or audio quality. I found both to be superb.

For me, the aesthetic and functional considerations were paramount but the differences in video and audio were unnoticeable. For my purposes, the GoPro didn’t make sense.

I prefer simplicity over complexity and the Drfit Ghost HD convinced me that the GoPro would be better off with another user who didn’t mind the issues that continually bugged me.

What about you? Do you have an action camera preference? Do you think I’ve made a mistake? Please hit me up with comment and tell me why. I’d love to hear your opinion. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why I Sold My GoPro Hero 3 Action Camera

  1. I agree with you on this one. GoPro audio and quality are top notch, but the reason I own and use Drift is because of the size and function. I’d even go as far as saying that the GP has better video and audio, but IMO, it doesn’t make up for the awkward setup needed to attach it to a helmet. You are spot on with your reasons above!

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