Hacking My Way Back

Barry_April_2016a long time gone

So, it’s been a while. I can’t now recall why I left this blog….if I look back to the last post it had to with my relocation from the Central Coast to Silicon Valley a little over one year ago.

My riding habits have changed quite a bit as my aging parents continue to decline. On that front, my dad is in the mid-stages of Alzheimer’s Dementia -such a sad thing to watch- and my mom is actually getting stronger. At 84 and 83 respectively, they are now on opposite paths of life progression.

the big trip

However, in a move to provide some respite from my domestic duties for a bit, in just 21 days, my son Benjamin and I are embarking on an epic tour across the country. In January, I decided to gift him my 2000 BMW R1100RT as I ride my 2000 R1150GS almost exclusively. He used to ride before he got married and had a family.

My daughter-in-law expressed interested in riding as well so I made the gesture thinking my offer might find a soft-lading and it did; my offer was immediately and gratefully accepted.

The only problem is that he lives is South Carolina….gee…how do we solve that problem?

With a cross-country father-son moto-tour, of course!

the plan

Originally, we’d planned on traveling across the old Route 66 (I-40) for most of the way, but severe weather patterns are throwing up warnings that include tornadoes, funnel clouds, have thunderstorms and all kinds of non-California weather. 😉

At present, we’re considering a more souther route that will add two additional days to our ride but hey, two more day on BMW’s with Benjamin is a sacrifice I’ll gladly make.  We’ll be checking weather and conditions daily with our various iPhone apps and make adjustments as we deem necessary.I’ll do the same on my return ride that will be a very long solo-ride.

the hacking 

Because I couldn’t recall what email address I’d used to create this site and the YouTube channel, I had to hack my way in. I’m not a hacker, really. In fact, I know nothing about hacking or computer code beyond some basic HMTL and CSS.

What I call hacking was really retiring a Twitter account to the phone and looking at the setting for the email address I used. Win! So I’m back in business with both this site and the YouTube channel!


Stay tuned for more posts regarding the trip.  In the meantime, I’ll be posting live updates via Facebook along the way to this page. So like the page now if you want to see the live updates from the road.

You can also follow me on Twitter here as I’ll also be posting from Periscope.


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